Soil Stewards

HuMUS is developing a training programme to build the capacity of Soil Stewards who facilitate regional and municipal dialogues on soil health. As an important aspect of the HuMUS project, non-specialist actors are integrated and engaged in the dialogues and decision-making processes. The Soil Stewards will support and facilitate these processes and create a positive relationship between stakeholders, helping to bridge gaps and fostering target-oriented and region-specific discussions to improve soil health. They will also help create Territorial Management Agreements and raise awareness with local governmental actors and the public on soil health issues. The Soil Steward training programme is developed based on a review of regional policies and soil assessment methods to discern best practices on social dialogues for soil health.

A vegetable garden

Training materials will be available on the website under Resources.
Check back here soon to learn about Soil Stewards, their work, and the trainings!

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