HuMUS Open Call: How to apply?

The HuMUS Project released a video to help applicants through the Open Call application process!

Are you interested in the HuMUS Open Call but not sure where to start? Are you not sure if this call is for you? Do you have a project idea or grassroots initiative improving soil health, building participatory soil stewardship platforms, or encouraging dialogue around soil health in your locality or region?

Learn more about the call and eligibility criteria to start your soil journey with HuMUS! Watch this step-by-step video guide to start your application!

To deploy the EU Soil Mission at local and regional levels, HuMUS supports constructive spaces of collective dialogue on soil health.

We are looking to fund local and regional initiatives improving soil health by creating context-specific soil solutions using participatory methods and tools.

HuMUS will give out a total of €600,000 to at least 20 pilot projects, funding each successful applicant with a maximum €30,000 subgrant.

The main applicant must be a public entity or entity governed by public law: for example, a municipality, local or regional government representative, public research centre, or public university.

Co-applicants can be farmers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, consumer associations or NGOs, soil experts, researchers and academics, government and public officials, and citizens.

Pilot Projects have to provide substantial evidence that participatory governance methods and tools can promote, procure, and stimulate an increased and more diffused awareness of existing soil health issues and threats at local and regional levels and more effective approaches to their resolution.

Winning projects are expected to deliver:

  • A Territorial Management Agreement by all relevant Quadruple Helix stakeholders of the chosen Pilot Location;
  • Evidence of successful adoption of the HuMUS methodology focused on participatory governance of soil health in the form of a final report;  
  • An analysis of the replication potential of the Pilot Project and approach.

You can already submit your proposals through the Anci Toscana GoodgrantsTM platform. Don’t wait! The deadline to send your application is 5 April 2024 midnight CET!

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