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HuMUS is building, elevating, and sharing the knowledge base on soil health. The project provides open access to research outputs, peer-reviewed scientific publications, policy briefs, data reports, fact sheets, visual tools, Territorial Management Agreements, and other results.


HuMUS reviews region-specific policies to create catalogues of best policies and practices for the improvement of soil health. This catalogue systemises experiences and lessons learned from regional and local authorities to improve soil health, increase citizen engagement, and promote the best use of EU funds.

  • Best practices in citizen and stakeholder engagement on the implementation of soil health at the municipal and regional levels
  • Best practices in sustainable soil management and soil health promotion
  • Best practices and public policies to improve soil health, especially co-creative practices with the active involvement of stakeholders and citizens in the decision-making processes that have a high potential for replicability.

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Overview of best practices in sustainable soil management and soil health promotion

Created on: 25 April 2024

Catalogue: Best practices for soil management
Soil use: Agriculture, Forestry
Region: Germany
Content type: Soil health management practices

Soil health depends on soil management. This deliverable provides an overview of stakeholder perspectives on soil management practices, including their current and possible acceptance and estimated potential.

Overview of best practices for citizen and stakeholder engagement in the implementation of soil health measures at municipal and regional levels

Created on: 4 April 2024

Catalogue: Participatory best practices for soil health
Content type: Soil health management practices

This report presents a framework and tools for the implementation of the Soil Mission in European municipalities. It provides information on a participatory organic district approach, the HuMUS methodology, that can be adapted to different scenarios to support the co-implementation of solutions to protect and restore soil health at municipal and territorial (inter-municipal) levels.

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